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Audrey Ferrand Audrey Ferrand obtained in a Ph. Her research interest in the laboratory of Digestive Biology INSERM U was to decipher the signaling pathways mediating the pro-tumoral roles of the gastrin peptides in colon and pancreas cancers. Inshe joined the laboratory of Jeffrey Settleman at the Massachusetts General Hospital MGH Cancer Center, Harvard Medical School, in Boston USA where she characterized the differential drug response of mutated EGFR in non-small cell lung cancer. Inshe moved to the Surgery Department of the University of Melbourne Australia where she identified the crucial role of gastrin precursors in the tumor-initiating capacity of CDpositive colon cancer cells. Inshe was recruited as a junior assistant professor INSERM CRCN to establish a research program aiming to identify therapeutic targets in colorectal. By combining morphological, functional, pharmacological and microfluidic approaches to 3D cell primocultures of colorectal organoids and fibroblasts, coupled to orthotopic grafting on murine models, we study the interactions between normal or cancer stem cells and fibroblasts in the various stages of colorectal tumorigenesis.

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Buchinger Wilhelmi in Marbella A breath of fresh air The residences of Buchinger Wilhelmi in Marbella stand in the shade of ancient palm trees along with views of the Mediterranean. Services after that prices We offer a choice of packages depending on the length of your stay, the room category after that whether you are fasting or not. The packages all include the following: accommodation in the room category of your choice, all services in our Buchinger Wilhelmi programme, basic medical treatment, a standard laboratory examination at the beginning and the end of your stay, fasting provisions if you are fasting or lacto-ovo-vegetarian wholefood cuisine designed for packages with a balanced diet. Assess list Our range of services You can either put together your accept individual treatment plan based on our regular daily rates, or take advantage of our packages that are tailored to your individual needs and age constraints. Services and prices Your delicate haven We have the perfect room for you whatever your taste, as of a snug retreat to a generously designed suite with breathtaking views of the sea and the Rock of Gibraltar.

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